Disco Pig 1: Brown Brett Braggot

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This beer started its life as a brown ale that just wanted to be a bit more. Our farmer Rally, who picks up spent grains also happens to have a pretty thriving bee business. He transports his hives from state to state pollinating large crops for farms as far south as Georgia peach orchards and up north to Maine for Blueberry fields. Having just returned from a blueberry pollination in Maine and looking to sell off some of his honey we jumped on close to 200 lbs of this liquid gold and added it to the brown ale during secondary fermentation. Also added to the Disco funk tank was a blend of yeast, one a Belgian Saison Yeast and the other, our buddy Brettanomyces (aka Brett). This wild yeast strain adds that slight Belgian Funk to our tank and get’s the disco party started.

Tasting Notes:
The Brown Brett Braggot pours a medium-light mahogany brown with the traditional Brett wild yeast nose. Hints of malt sweetness mixes with touches of honey on the first sip. The light carbonation lets the hint of honey hang on the palette as long as possible before the dry finish takes over. Great beer to age and let the Brett really develop.

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