Black Hog Down

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An arsenal of stealthy hop spice & big citrus aromatics

This stealth-fully hoppy Black IPA was created by our assistant brewer Justin who served in the 3rd Ranger Battalion. Black Hog Down Black IPA packs an arsenal of big hops for a demolition evoking 63 IBUs and a homage to the Sikorsky BlackHawk UH63…. coincidence… NO SIR! Big spicy notes of black tea and citrus on the tongue tactically attack your taste buds alongside a dark smooth malty back bone. An arsenal of hops including CTZ, Ella, Super Galena, and Summit. Dry hopped with a blend of Citra, and Super Galena for a blast of clean citrus aromatic that disorients your perceptions of what a palette assault from a monster jet black bad ass brew should be. Go Drink one, that’s an order!

Pair with: Big sweet caramelized Goudas! Pradera | Beemster Vlaskaas | Midnight Moon





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