Hog Lager Zwickel

A Zwickelbier is a German lager that is “un-lagered”. Meaning you ferment out the beer cold like a lager but then don’t cold condition (or lager it) for as long as a traditional lager. Hense […]

Biere De Hog

A Bier De Garde (beer for keeping) ever so lightly soured with a yogurt lacto culture. Bright, sweet, and complex. Bottle and keg conditioned.

Granola Brown

before a big pig roast we love to go on a long hike to get the blood flowin’ and our stomachs ready for a serious feast. to keep us going we pack a few bags of crunchy granola. then it came to us! granola brown allows us to have the best of both worlds- a refreshing brew with all the wonders of our delicious granola! […]