Disco Pig 10.1: Blood Orange Berliner

Kettle soured and brett fermented German style berliner weisse with blood orange puree in secondary fermentation, then aged in Cabernet franc wine barrels

Quoi De Neuf

Collaboration with Allagash Brewing from Portland Maine. Quoi de Neuf, is a greeting between two old friends that translates to What’s up? But the direct translation is What is New… This beer is what is […]

Biere De Hog

A Bier De Garde (beer for keeping) ever so lightly soured with a yogurt lacto culture. Bright, sweet, and complex. Bottle and keg conditioned.

Disco Pig 3: La Rouge Trois

This is our first collaboration brew with Oxbow Brewing out of New Castle Maine.  It is a Flanders red style where we let Lacto and Pedio sour the kettle over the weekend and then our […]

Ghost Rye’Da

Black Hog Brewing Co. presents Ghost Rye’ Da – White […]


There are several definitions of the word swag; 1. stuff […]