Disco Pig 10: Blood Orange Berliner

Kettle soured and brett fermented German style berliner weisse with blood orange puree in secondary fermentation to add a bright citrus pop.

Peach Gose

Peach Gose (pronounced goes-uh), is a German style wheat beer from the Leipzeg region, known for it’s salt mines. Our Gose is light and bright with a delicate Peach nose. Additions of pink Himalayan sea salt, coriander and over 200 lbs of fresh organic peaches from Drazen Orchards (Cheshire, CT) added during secondary fermentation, make this one-off beer truly...

Piper Saison

Part of our fall seasonal series, the Piper Saison is a black saison with fresh white, pink, & green peppercorns. The beer has a nice malt flavor rounded out by a little bite from the fresh peppercorns.    

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