OrangIPA – BREWED WITH ORANGES & FRESH SQUEEZED HOPS! This Hazy IPA is packed with some serious juiciness (real juice!) backed up with Sultana, Motueka, and Lemon Drop Hops. Drink fresh and enjoy!

Rainbow Gravy IPA

IPA brewed with Fruity Pebbles cereal and Galaxy hops creating a burst of tropical fruit and pine mingling with a poppy, fruity finish.

Invasion IPA

Wheat based IPA with Motueka and Mosaic hops, fermented with saison yeast. Crispy, clean, and refreshing!

Shook IPA

This is a lactose, oats and wheat IPA that comes in at 5.5% abv. We were inspired by the beach vibes on this one and used a blend of SABRO and HBC472 hops to give this beer flavors of tropical fruit and coconut. The lactose softens the mouthfeel to make this a pina colada in...


This light and refreshing ale is fermented with sake yeast and cold pressed cucumber.

Leaves a Mark

This full flavored Imperial Stout is sure to Leave A Mark!

Piper Saison

Part of our fall seasonal series, the Piper Saison is a black saison with fresh white, pink, & green peppercorns. The beer has a nice malt flavor rounded out by a little bite from the fresh peppercorns.    

Ghost Rye’Da

Black Hog Brewing Co. presents Ghost Rye’ Da – White Rye IPA with Orange Peel, Coriander, and Australian Hops. Our Spring Seasonal pays homage to the Belgian Wit Beer. The mix of Summer, Ella, Vic Secret, and Rakau hops from Down Undah gives this beer a Springy, floral, green-melon aromatic that’s balanced with coriander, rye...

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