Coup De Foudre

Coup de foudre – a strike of lightning; love at first sight. Our Quoi de Neuf Allagash collab beer – aged in Pinot Grigio barrels for one year with the Allagash house Brettanomyces strain.

Still Bil

Because BARLEYWINE IS LIFE! Still BiL is a 3 year bourbon barrel aged Barley Wine that we bottled still (no carbonation). This beer is extremely rich in flavor and one of a kind, this bottling was limited to 120 bottles.

Irish Cream Coffee Milk Stout

Irish Cream Coffee Milk Stout – Based on our Coffee Milk Stout, this sweet milk stout bursts with the Luck O’ the Irish. Drink up!

Citra Starship

Citra Starship IPA – This IPA is out of this galaxy! Featuring CITRA and GALAZY Hops.


Barktoberfest is a traditional fest-style German lager, featuring biscuit-y malt notes from Munich malt. Lager yeast lends it a crisp and clean finish, making it a gulper instead of a sipper and the perfect accompaniment to a chilly fall day.

Quoi De Neuf

Collaboration with Allagash Brewing from Portland Maine. Quoi de Neuf, is a greeting between two old friends that translates to What’s up? But the direct translation is What is New… This beer is what is new! This Wheat based saison is using Maine Grown Wheat Berries from Buck Farms making it a nice wheat forward...

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